Things to consider if you plan on living in your house during renovations

plan ahead during renovations
living at hone during a renovation? plan carefully

If you are planning on living in your house during your renovations, then there are a few things you need to do before your builder arrives.

  • If you have preschool children, try and roster family and friends to look after them for part of the day while the builders are on site or you should all try and leave the house for part of the day. Besides being very noisy, a building site is a very dangerous place. Make sure your children understand this and are aware of the dangers.
  • Think about the comfort of your pets. Maybe older or nervous animals should be rehoused to friends, family or pet shelters during your renovations
  • Obviously rooms that are having major work done will need to be cleared completely. These items should be stored in a garage or in storage rather than somewhere else in the house.
  • Other rooms should be cleared of clutter, accessories, art work, rugs and excess furniture to ensure that there are no breakages or damage and that they don’t get covered in dust and dirt. This will also give the builders as much space as possible, making their job easier and hopefully quicker!
  • Furniture that is remaining should be covered with dust cloths while the builders are working or if they will not be used during the renovation they can be wrapped in cardboard or plastic or stored elsewhere.
  • If you have blinds as window coverings, pull them up while the builders are working. It will save a lot of cleaning later.
  • You or the builder should arrange for a bin to be on site during the renovation for all the building rubbish. Take advantage of this and get rid of as much unwanted, unusable items around your property as possible.
  • Renovating is a good opportunity to have a good cleanout of items and articles that you no longer use or will not want in your newly renovated home. Recycle or sell as much as you can, but sometimes things just need to be dumped.
  • Check with your insurance company because often they need to be informed if renovation work is being carried out on your home. You will most likely need to increase your insurance values after the renovation.

Take the time to be well prepared before your builder arrives. It will make life less stressful for yourself and your builder!

Renovating a home make sure you plan ahead

renovating a home make sure you plan ahead
renovating a home make sure you plan ahead as it’s very costly to go back

Once a home renovation is complete, it is very costly to go back and change things. You need to give careful thought to all aspects when renovating a home and plan ahead, but pay particular attention when planning the following areas: Continue reading “Renovating a home make sure you plan ahead”

Renovating the house to sell

renovating the house to sell? be careful you don't overspend
renovating the house to sell? be careful you don’t overspend

If you are renovating the house to sell, you need to be very careful that you don’t spend money that you will not recoup when your house is sold.

Do your homework by looking at other houses that are for sale in your area for a similar price. If you still believe that you need to spend money renovating your house to achieve the best price then: Continue reading “Renovating the house to sell”

Home ideas should be put to paper

home ideas should be written down and discussed
home ideas should be put to paper and discussed before approaching a professional

So, what type of home ideas do you have in mind for your home renovation

  • Extra rooms?
  • Create a more functional modern kitchen?
  • Update or add bathrooms?
  • Rearrange your existing floor plan into a more versatile space?
  • Maybe a second floor to accommodate a growing family?
  • Open up your home to outdoor living spaces?
  • Or just modernize and update your colour scheme?

Whatever you are thinking of doing, you need to put your home ideas in writing and then list and discuss the positives and negative issues of any home renovation idea. A well designed house will provide value, not just financially, but in terms of comfort and convenience. Extra time and money spent in the planning process will more than pay for itself. Continue reading “Home ideas should be put to paper”

Paint colour tricks and tips

paint colour tricks and tips
Finding the right balance with your paint colour photo taken from

Paint colour is an important part of interior design, and there is no right or wrong colours. The trick is to find a balance between paint colours and use them so that they complement each other. Most houses have problem areas – rooms too big, too small, too narrow, an odd shape, ceiling too low etc. By understanding paint colour you can learn to use it effectively and to your advantage to help disguise those imperfections. Continue reading “Paint colour tricks and tips”

Colour wheel – an introduction to organising colour

colour wheel represented by pencils
The colour wheel is an important tool to organise colours

Organising colour is a task that has been undertaken by many over the years, but it was Sir Isaac Newton who first organized colours into a wheel based on the prism. Today the most commonly used colour wheel is known as the “Artists” or “Prang Colour Wheel.

The Colour Wheel is an important tool that designers use to make their decorating schemes successful. The Prang Colour Wheel contains 12 colours that can be divided into several categories. Continue reading “Colour wheel – an introduction to organising colour”

Using accessories to give a room character and individuality


After your room has been decorated and furnished, you arrive at the point when you can put in accessories that give the room character and individuality – this is your personal signature. Design books say that there are definitely two schools of thought about the use of accessories – there is the school for simplicity and the school for clutter! But I believe there is a third – the school of organized displays of “treasures” that aren’t minimal but aren’t a chaotic mess – that’s my school! Continue reading “Using accessories to give a room character and individuality”

Living room designs and what you need to consider

Bright and cozy living room
A living room should be inviting and make everyone feel “at home” photo taken from

Your living room should be exactly that – a room for living in. It should be inviting and make everyone feel “at home” in it, at any hour of the day or night. Whether one is alone or with family or friends, your living room should be comfortable and welcoming, have a flexibility to cater for a number of different activities and reflect the interests of its occupants.

When designing and decorating a living room you need to consider the growing, ever-changing needs of its users. For example, your young children will grow into teenagers who have different needs and require bigger spaces, or if your children have left the nest then there might be grandchildren in the future – if you’re lucky!. A retired couple may develop new interests and hobbies in there “golden years”. Therefore spaces and layouts need to be adaptable and flexible. Continue reading “Living room designs and what you need to consider”

Bedroom renovation ideas

Bedroom renovation ideas
The bedroom should express the personality and individuality of the occupant

The bedroom is the most personal room in the house and it should express the personality and individuality of the occupant – within reason! Your bedroom should be relaxing and comfortable and a room you feel you really belong in.

With today’s soaring building costs, it’s important to analyse the use of space in your home. All too frequently the living areas are over extended and the bedrooms under-utilized and lying idle for up to 14 hours a day. Unless your home is a mansion or you have a “mega” budget to work with, you need to make your bedrooms more versatile than just a place to sleep and dress. With this in mind consider making children’s rooms double as play rooms, and teenager’s rooms more like a bed-sitting-study room. In the main bedroom any secondary role will depend on its occupants, and might include facilities for sitting, reading, dining, music, hobbies or crafts, study or work. For some the main bedroom may be wanted only as a restful retreat and not wanted to be used for any other activities – it’s a very personal decision. Continue reading “Bedroom renovation ideas”

Colour schemes and how they affect us emotionally

blue colour schemes with vibrant chair matched with a blue backdrop
color schemes and their effect taken from

Every moment of our waking lives we are surrounded by colour. Colour schemes can be very powerful  affecting us emotionally as well as physically whether we realize it or not. It can affect our moods, our well being and our general outlook on life, and must therefore be considered carefully when choosing colour schemes for your home Continue reading “Colour schemes and how they affect us emotionally”